I love the Mission, Vision, and Values and how it is an expectation that we live them every single day. It truly shows who is in healthcare for the right reasons by the way they respond to the MVV.

How happy the residents are. When they smile and thank you for helping them. (it’s my job and i want to help them anyway) How leadership and management come out of their offices to help out on the floor.

You are showed appreciation when needed.

 They’re Christian beliefs. I never feel that we aren’t doing our job without out blessings from God.

The company embraces the mission, vision, and values. This is unique because most have a mission because it’s an expectation. Vetter’s has a mission of dignity in life, and we seek to provide that every day.

I love working here! I love the residents!

This company has a VERY HIGH standard, and they do what they can to uphold that. Which is admirable.

We’re a team and we all work together.

Everybody is so great and wonderful! Simply a great place to work! I love my job and the heritage.

The administration is by far the best leadership I have experienced in my working history! They really care about their employees!

I think we do a good job at trying to think outside the box to give the residents the best quality life we can. I think we are thinking outside the box for all staffs and celebrations instead of doing pizza parties all the time. We are taking time to care about what the next thing we should do to keep people engaged and wanting to hopefully keep coming back here.

The people here are amazing.

One unique thing about this company is when you first are hired people do a good job of making you feel accepted.

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